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Fisher Hai-Luk is a middle-aged Ostron fisher in Cetus, located on the far south of the market just across to the gate to the Plains of Eidolon. Hai-Luk mainly provides Fishing tools, baits and utility, as well as the blueprints which the Tenno can use to craft decorative trophies to showcase their catch 1 General 2 Greetings 2.1 If Trusted or higher 3 Farewells 3.1 After Purchasing an Item 4 Other Services 4.1 If the Player has no Fish 4.2 Selecting Fish 4.2.1 Selecting a small fish 4.2.2 Selecting a medium fish 4.2.3 Selecting a large fish 4.2.4 Selecting a uncommon fish 4.2.5 Selecting a rare fish 4.2.6 Selecting a very rare fish 4.3 Filet Fish 4.3.1 Afterwards 4.4 Providing Fish 4.4.1. All the basic and advanced details you need in fishing is here!Fishing Bible: https://grindhardsquad.blogspot.com/2017/10/warframe-ultimate-fishing-guide-fis.. Fisher Hai-Luk is an Ostron fishmonger who sells various fishing equipment, bait, and packs of special fish parts for a bit of platinum, which change daily. She also allows you to trade in your catches for standing or to carve them up for bait and resources. View Wares List Rank 0: Neutral. 500 Standing. Lanzo Fishing Spear. Rank 0: Neutral. 500 Standing. Tulok Fishing Spear. Rank 0: Neutral.

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Over the last couple of days, since the most recent update; whenever I go fishing in the Planes and return to Hai-Luk to trade in my fish for standing I have no fish in sight. Not even in my inventory. When fishing in the bottom right fishing location, whenever I throw out a bait it just disappea.. How to fish in Warframe The starter fishing spear is purchased from the vendor fisher hai-luk on cetus and costs 500 standing. Your first Fishing Spear is acquired from an NPC on Cetus named Fisher Hai-Luk. However, your credits are no good here so you'll need to earn some Standing before you can purchase it. Luckily, it doesn't cost much. Grokdrul ist eine Ressource die in Grineer-Stützpunkten auf den Ebenen von Eidolon gefunden werden kann und in Fässern gelagert wird. Grokdrul wird außerdem als Belohnung für Aufträge und Incursions vergeben. Je nachdem wie hoch das Auftragslevel ist, welches man auf den Ebenen annimmt, umso höher wird die Menge in den Fässern - bis zu 5 Portionen pro Fass bei den schwierigsten Aufträgen

You can acquire the Fishing Spear in Warframe from one of the vendors on Cetus, by the name Fisher Hai-Luk. The vendor sells all the fishing supplies. But unlike the other vendors of Cetus who accepts credits, Hai-Luk doesn't take credits- but Standings. Yes, to buy any of the fishing spears you need to offer standings In Warframe müsst Ihr nicht immer nur schnetzeln und rumballern, Ihr könnt und müsst teilweise sogar entspannt dem Angelsport nachgehen. In diesem Guide zeige ich Euch, wie Ihr in den Ebenen von Eidolon Fische fangt, welche es gibt und wie Ihr damit auch Euren Ruf bei Ostron massiv erhöhen könnt. Angelausrüstung (Harpune, Köder etc.

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Die Bauteile für den Warframe Garuda sind eigentlich sehr leicht zu bekommen: Tinte kann in Cetus bei Fischer Hai-Luk erworben werden und hebt Fische in der Umgebung hervor. Ressourcen-Booster wirken sich sowohl auf die Anzahl der gefangenen Fische (orange) als auch auf die Häufigkeit der Fische (blau) aus. Gefangene Fische können bei Biz entweder in Einzelteile zerlegt werden oder. In Warframe könnt ihr auf den Plains of Eidolon fischen. Doch wie kommt man überhaupt an das Equipment zum Fische fangen und wo sind die besten Fishing-Spots? Erfahrt es im großen Fishing-Guide

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Fisher Hai-Luk is the fishing merchant in Cetus, located near the entrance to the market. She sells Ostron fishing gear and blueprints to frame fishing trophies, as well as a rotating stock of fish parts. In addition, she can aid the Tenno in filleting fish for their useful byproducts, and will also accept donations of whole fish in return for Ostron Standing. Idle quotes. These are un. Yes. I made this. That's probably something for me to think about - still, October. Artists have Inktober or something, they draw stuff - me? Oh I celebrat..

0:00 แนะนำ Npc และระบบตกปลา5:11 เวลา และสถานที่ตกปลา6:40 วิธีตกปลา (แทงปลา)8:20 ราย. Sumbaat's Wares can be found Here [warframe.fandom.com] Fisher Hai-Luk; Finally, we come to Fisher Hai-Luk, the most useful vendor for the purposes of this guide. Hai-Luk sells everything to do with fishing - Lures, Spears, Dye, Bait and Trophies. Fishing is simple - throw the right spear at a fish, and you catch it. That easy. Fishing is the absolute best way to get standing in Cetus, as we. Hai-Luk also sells the Tulok Fishing Spear, but this is much more expensive (2,000 Standing) and requires Offworlder. Fishing spears can be equipped on the gear wheel. Warframe Fishing Tips . Once you have obtained a fishing spear, you're ready to put your fishing skills to the test in the Plains of Eidolon. Head out into the Plains and bring up your map to find a decent-sized body of water.

Hai-Luk's plat-only wares cycle on a daily basis and they can include norg brains, as well as any of the other unique fish materials. #2. vid23 . Mar 1, 2018 @ 6:10am you can buy the fish itself from players, its pretty cheap in my opinion #3. local news. Mar 1, 2018 @ 6:32am conflicting answers , hey can u post the page from the wiki which says hai luk cycles thru it #4. Skintanium. Mar 1. What is Warframe Fishing? The game provides you with lots of non-combat activities, and fishing is one of them available in several landscapes. During the gameplay, you're allowed to catch rare fish and use them as resources for crafting requirements. Fishing activity was first brought to you by developers in updat Sharrac Teeth are a resource in Warframe used in the construction of several cosmetics, pieces of gear, and even a Warframe component. The Ceno Pualdrons, Fosfor Rahd, Norg Bait, and Xaku. My VO for Video Game Character: Fisher Hai-Luk in 'Warframe - Plains of Eidolon.'... Just some gameplay clips with a few choice lines (but not to-sync or as you'd find them during the game itself) :) Info / credits:-Played by over 26 million gamers and counting, Warframe is rated as one of the most impressive and popular action games on Sony PS4 / MicroSoft Xbox One. Steeped in. Plains of Eidolon, Warframe's 22nd major update, dprd more than give the free-to-play shooter an open-world shot in the arm. It also introduced a whole slew of new systems, upgrades, and.

Fisher Hai-luk no longer screams This one will feed the whole family, and the cousins too! when you select fish on the new Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Log In Sign Up. User account menu. 620. The new UI killed Fisher Hai-luk and her cousins too. Bug. Close. 620. Posted by. Proud registered loser. 2 years ago. Archived. The. Warframe is a game of many features, not least of which is fishing. Lanzo Spear: default Spear purchasable from Hai-Luk for 500 Standing; We also recommend equipping and using the Luminous Dye item, as it highlights all the fish in the surrounding area, making it way easier to catch them than it is by default. When you're done with all of that, you can load into Plains of Eidolon and begin.

Warframe is an ever evolving game originally released in 2013 as a randomly generated third person coop shooter. Starting out with only one type of environment and enemy race, each update has introduced brand new types of game play including other enemy factions, additional game modes, jet pack type combat known as Archwings, personal pets, a nemesis style experience similar to the Middle. Warframe. Alle Diskussionen Screenshots Artwork Übertragungen Videos Workshop Neuigkeiten Guides Rezensionen. In Warframe könnt ihr auf den Plains of Eidolon fischen. Doch wie kommt man überhaupt an das Equipment zum Fische fangen und wo sind die besten Fishing-Spots? Erfahrt es im großen Fishing-Guide! Die Plains of Eidolon in Warframe machen den Coop-Shooter mehr zu einem MMO. Und wie jeder weiß, ist ein MMO erst dann vollständig, wenn man darin. Warframe. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos Workshop News Guides Reviews Warframe > General Discussion > Topic Details. sSubtl. Oct 28, 2017 @ 3:07am fishing rod how do i purchase the fishing rod? how do i get the currency < > Showing 1-4 of 4 comments . Merlion. Oct 28, 2017 @ 3:32am you can get the fishing spear from Hai-Luk in Cetus. it can be bought with standing from.

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Warframe einstellungen. Warframe-Grafikleistung: So erhalten Sie die besten Einstellungen. Wie bereits erwähnt, hatten die meisten Grafikkarten, die hier getestet werden, keinerlei Probleme, wenn sie Warframe mit ihrem High-Grafik-Preset ausführen, unabhängig davon, ob ich mit 1920 × 1080 oder 2560 × 1440 gespielt habe So learning to fish in Warframe will prove useful to you in many different ways. Note: You can only go fishing in open-world maps like Plains of Eidolon on Earth and Orb Vallis on Venus. So make sure to progress your way to either of these open worlds to get started. Step 1: Get A Fishing Spear. To start fishing, you first need a fishing spear. You can buy one from Hai-Luk, the fish vendor in.

462k members in the Warframe community. Reddit community and fansite for the free-to-play third-person co-op action shooter, Warframe. The game is Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Log in sign up. User account menu • Oh Hai-luk... Fluff. Close • Posted by 13 minutes ago. Oh Hai-luk... Fluff. 2 comments. share. save hide report. Fishing Spears: At the moment there are 3 different types of fishing spears you can use. You can buy a fishing spear from Hai-luk, who sells fishing equipment in Cetus, Earth. You use the fishing spears to catch the fish with. Types of fishin.. Warframe Fishing Requirements. Before heading to the Plains, make sure you load up the Gear Wheel fishing. First, buy the Lanzo Fishing Spear from Fisher Hai-Luk at Cetus for 500 Standing and Luminous Dye for 500 Standing. The best thing is you can buy these items from the Fisher without worrying to rank up with the Ostrons Syndicate Fischöl ist eine Ressource in Warframe, die Sie erhalten können, indem Sie in den Ebenen von Eidolon Fische fangen. Wenn Sie in den Seen und Becken der Ebene von Eidolon angeln, können Sie eine große Auswahl an Fischen fangen. Wenn Sie den Fisch zu Fisher Hai-Luk bei Cetus bringen, können Sie die Option Fisch schneiden wählen, um Ihre Materialfänge zu bewirtschaften. Wie viel Öl. Before it is necessary to obtain it from the hands of the fisherwoman Hai-Luk, and after spending 500 points of Ostronita reputation. Then, it will be to look for any area with abundant water, aim with the harpoon and wait for the first fish to emerge. It's funny because the music will lower its volume and everything will take on a more relaxing look, away from the hustle and bustle of.

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482k members in the Warframe community. Reddit community and fansite for the free-to-play third-person co-op action shooter, Warframe. The game is Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Log In Sign Up. User account menu. 135. I think Fisher Hai-Luk needs new glasses. Bug. Close. 135. Posted by 3 years ago. Archived. I think Fisher Hai. In unserem Guide erklären wir euch die neuen Inhalte von Warframe: Plains of Eidolon und helfen euch, schnelle Fortschritte in der Open World zu machen

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  1. How to unlock the Master Angler achievement in Warframe: Catch 10 fish. This achievement is worth 20 Gamerscore
  2. Welcome to Warframe and our newest update, Plains of Eidolon, which launched earlier this week on Xbox One.For new players jumping in and enamored by the thrill of an open landscape in Warframe, and who want to get to the Plains ASAP, here is a quick guide to point you in the right direction.. Gaining Access to Cetus and Plains of Eidolon. If you are new to Warframe, logging in for the first.
  3. This guide lists easy and efficient ways to complete all riven challenges without the help of another player. This guide assumes you are in at least mid-game with some knowledge of the game and various warframes and weapons at your disposal
  4. ing. Once you have enough Standing, you can head over to the fisherman Hai-Luk in Cetus and pick yourself up a Fishing Spear. Make sure to equip it in one of your Gear slots, then head out to the Plains

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  1. Where you need to go to step foot into the Plains of Eidolon in Warframe. While some fish are silent, most will make a subtle noise and create bubbles in the water. She is obsessed with Witcher 3 and is known to put hot sauce on everything. • Here's a working list of the kinds of fish you can catch in the Plains of Eidolon: After catching a few fish in Warframe, head back to Hai-Luk and.
  2. Fish Oil is a resource in Warframe that you can get by catching fish on the Plains of Eidolon. By fishing in the lakes and pools on the Plains of Eidolon, you can capture a large assorted of fish.
  3. warframe怎么钓鱼,钓鱼是warframe的一项休闲运动,不需要战斗就可以获得不错的奖励

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  1. Just because your game is about badass space ninjas in a dark future doesn't mean you can't have a laugh or two every now and again.. Spoilers Off applies to all moments pages, so beware of unmarked spoilers.. Gameplay. The sheer time it takes (thousands of hours for older players) before the player can create their own character has caused many fans to joke that Warframe is the RPG with the.
  2. A new week in Warframe means new Nightwave challenges to complete. One of them asks us to go to the Plains of Eidolon and catch six rare fish. In this guide, I will show you how to wrap up this.
  3. Location: Fisher Hai-Luk in Cetus. Top Builds Tier List Player Sync New Build. en. Navigation. Home Top Builds Tier List Player Sync New Build. Account. Sign in. Social. Sign in. ITEM; KARKINA ANTENNA; KARKINA ANTENNA. Ground into a powder this substance can make fires burn hotter for a brief amount of time. Location: Fisher Hai-Luk in Cetus . KARKINA ANTENNA ITEM. Comments. Social Media.
  4. Warframe Cast. Nakak voiced by Maya Tuttle. Operator (Owl) voiced by Michael Schwengel . Comba (Female) voiced by Rachael Messer . Konzu voiced by Artie Widgery . Ballas voiced by Max Howarth . Hok voiced by Adin Rudd . Eudico voiced by Tamara Fritz . Nora Knight voiced by Sheryl Mebane . Fisher Hai-Luk voiced by Louise Samuels . Mother voiced by Keaton Talmadge . Daughter voiced by Kim Ramon.
  5. As I mentioned, the Ostron Standing has a particular functioning, and there is several options to get Standing Points, among them, it can be said that stands out one over the rest.. The most efficient way to get Ostron Standing Points is simple, Fishing.Yes Tenno, fishing is the fastest way. In one hour of fishing at night, and knowing what to do, you will be able to accumulate enough Standing.

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darkSector. Digital Extremes previously said that Hayden Tenno, the protagonist of darkSector, is the first Tenno.Fans were skeptical whether events in darkSector were canonically part of Warframe's timeline or not, up until mid-2015 when Digital Extremes retracted the statement and made it clear that darkSector is not canon to the Warframe timeline. At least, not directly Warframe is a fast-paced online free-to-play co-operative shooter where you are in control of a Warframe. Each different Warframe grants you special powers from using elements to going invisible to devouring your enemies like the mummy from The Mummy. The game has four main factions: The Tenno, Grineer, Corpus and Infestation. The Tenno are the race that controls the Warframes, Grineer are. Warframe อัพเดท The Sacrifice [23] | Update Bammcool - TH 09:21:00. The Sacrifice อัพเดทที่ 23. หลังจากรอมาเนิ่นนาน... ในที่สุดก็มาแล้ว! เควส The Sacrifice และวอเฟรมที่มีชื่อว่า Excalibur Umbra.. โดยเป็นเควส Cinematic.

更新24.6.0后,渔夫Hai-Luk已不再出售鱼饵,光亮染料及芳香信息素蓝图,再此之前获得的依旧可以保留,且鱼叉声望也有所下降。 更新历史 奥影之毒:热修 29.6.8 + - 2021年1月26日 (二 warframe中文维基 累计获得加油 ¥ 5503 Hok • 老者Suumbaat • 渔夫Hai-Luk • 大师Teasonai • Nakak: 希图斯 • 夜灵平野: 索拉里斯联盟; 领袖 Eudico • Roky: 商贩 Legs • 粗鲁的Zuud • Smokefinger • Business • Ticker: 盟友 Boon • Little Duck • 索拉里斯联盟特工: 福尔图娜 • 奥布山谷 • 通风小子 • 索拉里斯之声. 渔夫Hai-Luk是Ostron 在漫画WARFRAME: GHOULS Part One中Ostron 人也有出现,在漫画中Vor上尉攻击了一个Ostron人的聚居地。 在Tenno在Ostron的声望达到了信任程度后,这里的居民将会采取更加友善的态度迎接他们朋友的回归。 集团; 集团 钢铁防线 • 均衡仲裁者 • 中枢苏达 • 佩兰数列 • 血色面纱 • 新世间. Warframe Thailand - แหล่งรวบรวมข้อมูลต่างๆ ภายในเกมวอเฟรม ในรูปแบบภาษาไทย รายละเอียดเกี่ยวกับ วอเฟรม อาวุธ ม็อด ระบบภายในเกม ทรัพยากรต่างๆ เทคนิคภายใน.

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Warframes; Info . Warframes LongGuns ShortGuns Melee Mod RELIC Syndicate Planet LoginReward Dojo Fish Venus Fish. Enemies . Corpus Grineer Infestation. Event . Derelict Vault Sortie Fomorian Sabotage Phorid Assassination Nightmare Mode Rewards Razorback Acolyte. Language . TC 繁體中文 DE Deutsch EN English ES Español FR Français IT Italiano JA 日本語 KO 한국어 PL Polski PT. 釣り: Hai-Luk . 主要記事: 透明化できるWarframeを推奨する。 高くて掘れない(掘りにくい)鉱床は、IVARAの飛行の矢やTITANIAのRazorwing(4番)で対応できる。 RHINO等のノックバック等を無効化する無敵もちでも可能だが、攻撃されながら採掘を行うと照準がブレる。(画面揺れの有無は関係ない. Warframe Wiki* [ ホーム | 新規 | 各種モリは釣りベンダー(Hai-Luk / The Business / Daughter) に地位ポイントを支払って購入する。 アーセナルでギアホイールにモリを装備すれば、釣りが可能になる。 . 装備品 . モリ モリは基本的に捕獲しようとする魚の種類に応じて使い分ける必要がある。 シータス製. Saya est une personne âgée Ostron qui vit aux alentours de Cetus. Bouleversée par la perte de son mari, Onkko cinq ans auparavant. Une fois avoir terminé La Veillée de Saya, les joueurs peuvent la voir debout à côté de Konzu, juste de à côté de la porte menant aux Plaines d'Eidolon. C'est un personnage important dans la quête La Veillée de Saya. Dans le passé, Saya' était une. Hai-Luk también vende la Lanza de Pesca Tulok, pero esto es mucho más costoso (2.000 de pie) y requiere Offworlder. Las lanzas de pesca se pueden equipar en la rueda dentada. Consejos de pesca Warframe . Una vez que haya obtenido una lanza de pesca, estará listo para poner a prueba sus habilidades de pesca en los Llanos de Eidolon. Dirígete a las llanuras y abre tu mapa para encontrar un.

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HAI-LUK :モリ突き漁 Warframeの良いところの一つとして 「Warframeは課金通貨がトレードできるから課金しなくても遊べる」 稼ぎ(ファーム) 【Warframe】鉱石・宝石の稼ぎ方とおすすめのルート紹介 . 今回は地球の草原で入手できる宝石と鉱石の稼ぎ方について紹介していきます。 鉱石と宝石. Por si te interesa aquí puedes ver todos los trucos del juego. Conseguir una lanza de pescar en Warframe. Lo primero que tendrás que hacer será conseguir una. Para ello deberás adquirirla en un mercader de peces en Ostron, se llama Hai Luk y es el primer vendedor de la izquierda si entras en el mercado de Cetus desde los muelles 1、要 钓鱼 首 2113 先需要鱼 5261 叉 ,去 地球的希图斯找渔夫hai-luk买 。 首 4102 先来 到地 球希 1653 图斯, 按 版 esc键选择快速移动,去到渔夫 权 hai-luk 的位 置。. 2、与渔夫对话,选择浏览商品。 3、在他的商品上买鱼叉还有诱饵(没有诱饵你找鱼眼睛会瞎的)。此外还有其他商品,诱饵可以通过.

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La pêche est une activité non combattante introduite dans les Plaines d'Eidolon, permettant aux joueurs d'attraper du poisson qui peut ensuite être utilisé comme ressources pour diverses exigences d'artisanat. 1 Fonctionnement & Principes 1.1 Acquisition du Harpon pour la pêche 1.2 Préparation à la pêche 1.3 Pêcher un poisson 1.4 Utilisation des poissons 1.5 Précisions 2 Poissons des. 現在Warframe にはエイ 釣り師のHAI-LUK からモリを購入する。 アーセナルで、モリをギアホイールに装備する。 水辺でモリを装備する。 魚へ照準を合わせ、射撃操作でモリを投げる。(左クリック) 釣り用装備品の購入、魚の取引はシータスのHai-Lukにて行う。 草原の魚は種類ごとに一撃で. En esta ocasión vamos a sumergirnos en las profundidades para descubrir los misterios de la Pesca en Warframe, y nadie mejor que la Pescadora Hai-Luk para ayudar a preparar nuestro equipo. Como la mayoría habréis descubierto, esta es una nueva e interesante modalidad de conseguir recursos en Warframe, que ha sido añadida junto a las Llanuras de Eidolon. A mi me encanta, ¿Y a vosotros Warframe Hub Warframe DB 魚油:給 漁夫HAI-LUK 處理釣到的魚即可獲得. 諾格魚腦:於夜晚,中央大湖泊的熱點使用諾格魚餌,釣諾格. 克蘇爾卷鬚:於夜晚,大小池塘的熱點使用克蘇爾魚餌,釣克蘇爾. 夜靈之息:賞金任務,等級40-60. 製作諾格魚餌及克蘇爾魚餌會需要的材料: 陰暗鰩肝臟:於海岸邊的.

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  1. 魚一覧と釣り道具屋(Hai-Luk) 釣りー魚とアイテムー エイドロンの草原で釣りを行うことができる。釣った獲物は様々なアイテムを製作するのに必要な素材になる。 まず釣りを行うためには銛(スピア)が必要になる。スピアはシータス(Cetus)にいるHai-Lukが販売しているが、オストロンの地位を使っ.
  2. Ajout de nouvelles lignes Business et Hai-Luk VO sur la rareté des poissons. Ajout de différentes animations de pose d'objectif pour les MOA ennemis. Ajout d'un son d'allusion à la lance de pêche lors de la phase 1 de la prime de profit. Ajout de statistiques à la description passive de votre Warframe dans le menu Capacités
  3. 釣りー魚とアイテムー エイドロンの草原で釣りを行うことができる。釣った獲物は様々なアイテムを製作するのに必要な素材になる。 まず釣りを行うためには銛(スピア)が必要になる。スピアはシータス(Cetus)にいるHai-Lukが販売しているが、オストロンの地位を使って..
  4. 全新的 Warframe 强化 MOD(最高等级时) Garuda — 祭血仪式强化:祭血锻造. Garuda 装备的武器被重新装填,最多可到 100%。 Baruuk — 镇静强化:无尽催眠曲. 处决一名沉睡的敌人将重新触发镇静,持续时间为剩余持续时间的 100%。 被动:+50% 镇静持续时间
  5. Cómo pescar en Warframe - Especies y consejos. Una vez aprendas a pescar en Warframe deberás saber qué hacer con tus capturas. Debes ir hasta el pescador Hai-Luk para venderlas y puedes dividirlas en carne, escamas y aceite para tener distintos tipos de recursos. En la última página te hablaremos de las especies y te daremos algunos consejos
  6. WARFRAME(PS4)備忘録 管理人が備忘録として記録。現在更新停止中。 最新「u25.0.8」木星協約(2019.6.12) 前回「U24.8.1 POEリマスタ(2019.5.8)」 前々回「U24.5埋もれた負債」(2019.3.21) Combustion Rounds (アークウィング武器) Combustion Rounds アークウィング武器に火炎ダメージを付加. ランク 効果 コスト コンク.

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Nightwave Week 9 | Warframe-School魚一覧と釣り道具屋(Hai-Luk) | WARFRAME(PS4)備忘録

L'huile de poisson est une ressource Warframe que vous pouvez obtenir en attrapant du poisson dans les plaines d'Eidolon. En pêchant dans les lacs et les piscines des plaines d'Eidolon, vous pouvez attraper un grand assortiment de poissons. Si vous apportez le poisson à Fisher Hai-Luk à Cetus, vous pouvez alors choisir l'option Couper le poisson pour élever vos prises de matériaux. La. 漁夫HAI-LUK 會給CHARC ELECTROPLAX的魚 【心得】SF的魚類圖鑑生態情報(10月16日14:20更新) 【情報】Warframe 大黃臉結合目標 【心得】【在平原中重拾榮光的戰龍】CHR 【攻略】赤毒巫妖攻略 【招生】♕自由空間《Freedom Sp 【攻略】單人刷專精的方法. 板務人員: 2743 筆精華,前天 更新 一個月內新增 7 筆. WARFRAME(PS4)備忘録 管理人が備忘録として記録。現在更新停止中。 最新「u25.0.8」木星協約(2019.6.12) 前回「U24.8.1 POEリマスタ(2019.5.8)」 前々回「U24.5埋もれた負債」(2019.3.21) クイル (Quill)とアンプ (Amp) クイルとシンジケート-編集中-クイルは謎めいた教団で、エイドロンの草原のシータスのオロ. これはPharoma(Hai-Luk (Warframe) オロキンセル(Orokin Cell)は、各装備に使われる貴重な素材。消耗品のスーパーチャージャー( フォーマ 、カタリスト、リアクター各設計図)の素材にもなっている。オロキンセルを素材としない武器でもフォーマを素材とする... 記事内検索. お知らせ. MODの獲得場所. Estas llanuras cambian por completo la dinámica de 'Warframe, que anteriormente se dividía por sectores cerrados a los que accedíamos desde la nave. Estas llanuras son un mundo abierto y, a su vez, punto de peregrinación del resto de jugadores. Cetus es su Nexo, como si de La Torre de 'Destiny' se tratase, y siempre tendremos cosas por hacer y sin necesidad de volver a la nave. Su mundo es.

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